the day Aaron & Ellie got engaged


The details before the moment....

"We're engaged Ellie, we're actually getting married, you're MY fiance!!!"

oh wait... someone else is here. ;)

Afterwards, Ellie told us how she really wanted a photographer and her entire family there but that she hadn't really mentioned that to Aaron. Everything went perfectly how she wanted it, and it was such an amazing moment/day.

(Little brothers are THE best.)

The day Aaron and Ellie got engaged is a day I will never forget. Photographing in general is such a gift of story telling that I will forever be grateful for, but photographing moments that touch your heart so closely AND theirs, that is the absolute best. Ellie, I can't explain how beautiful of a bride you will be. I KNOW you're going to blow every single person away with your beauty, all because of your radiant Joy for Jesus and the way you show your love for Aaron (and everyone.) Aaron, thank you thank you thank you SO much for inviting me to such a special day in you guys life. I can't explain how happy I was there to be there and photograph the moment my best friend got asked to marry the love of her life. 

6 Responses to “the day Aaron & Ellie got engaged”

  1. Oh my goodness, these pictures are the best!! Kiley, you did an amazing job!

  2. Oh my heart, so much joy! When she starts jumping up and down?...^_^ so precious. They'll cherish these pictures forever.

  3. THIS. MY HEART. I feel as though I'm emotionally attached to Aaron and Ellie just through the sessions you've posted on here over the last few years. they are officially the world's cutest couple and my heart was so so happy just looking through these!


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