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Sam T | 2015 Senior


Sam T - 2015 East High School Graduate

Aaron & Ellie


Quite honestly, my favorite thing about photography is the pictures you can tell there is a story to. The images where you can just TELL someone is in love, someone is sad, someone is humbled, someone is struggling, etc. My goal is to always capture what is really happening. Aaron & my life long friend Ellie are THE cutest couple ever. I seriously look up to Ellie so much, and when Aaron came around, I look up to them now as a couple, because they are so passionate about Christ and their love that radiates off that. Anyway, enjoy enjoy.  

PS. if you're wondering why Aaron is bald it's because he HAD cancer but you know he's cancer free now, so that's COOL. ;) (these are from last month.)

P. S 2 - no, these are not engagement pictures. ;)

Kristen H | 2015 Senior


Kristen is one of my long time friends from back in the 6th grade, and she is constantly someone seeking adventure. We have so much fun together, and her senior session was nothing short of that... not to mention her good looks. ;) She's single boys!