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Briar and Jason are married



 I'm going through all these pictures and just loving them. There is something so different about shooting a wedding by yourself rather than second shooting with another photographer. I can't tell you how EXCITED I was when this couple hired me to shoot their wedding. Briar and Jason are both quite, beautiful, lovely, special, AMAZING in every way. They are such an elegant couple, and I just loved working with them so much. On a rainy Saturday back on June 15th, I shot their wedding on a small boat with just their close family, on the beautiful Lake Minnetonka. The rain cleared after about 15 minutes of waiting and we were able to sail away to the middle of the lake for a short n' sweet ceremony. It was seriously so great being apart of their day. Thanks to the amazing Emily Watters for coming along and shooting by my side. I love that girl.

Johnson Family Extended Portraits


A few weeks ago I was able to photograph a family very close to me. It was such a fun experience to be able to see three generations all together, and to be able to take their pictures. This was my first time doing photos of so many people together but I really, really enjoyed it. This family is actually full of my aunt, uncle, cousins, and second cousins. Cool, right? Love them all!

Thanks Johnson/Houle/Gates/MacLennan Family for letting me take all your pictures!<3