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Keighly E


Keighly is one of the most happy people ever. She is full of laughter and joy. Whenever we're together, it's always a good time. She is full of the funniest stories and jokes, seriously I can't help but laugh when I'm with her. We reconnected last week and took a few pictures. It was cold cold cold but she was a trooper. ;)

saffron and grey valentines day shoot


A few weeks ago the ladies at Saffron and Grey told me they had a photoshoot idea that they came up with, inspired by this photo that I posted on my instagram. I was super excited that I was their inspiration... but also that they wanted me to photograph it all. :) We had a blast at the shop taking pictures for the Valentines Day promos. I felt like it was one of the best shoots I've done inside/for marketing. Check them out on Facebook & give them some love. 

Anna B / Artist Headshots


YOU GUYS. Guess what these pictures were for? An album cover, yes you did read that right. I am extremely excited to share these images. Anna is the worship leader at my church here in Duluth, and is just amazing. I recommend you all go check out the new release of her EP on iTunes. Congrats Anna, you deserve it. :) 

... also had to share the album images. You can find her album here on iTunes and here on Amazon!

Katie & Jay


Aren't they adorable? This session was soooo freaking cold. Seriously, we were freezing, I think it was below 0 something BUT it was still a blast of a 20 minutes. I love these two, they radiate joy as a couple, and they're great examples of Jesus' love. Young married couples are my faveee.

The Lunds


The Lunds and the snow is a perfect, beautiful combination. These two make me so happy and I'm so glad I have them as role models for how a marriage should look like. Thanks for letting me take your pictures. :)