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Taylor Vezina | 2015 Graduate


Going through these pictures for this blog post made me extremely happy, I took these back in September and just fell in love with them all over again. How BEAUTIFUL is Taylor? We had the greatest time taking these, and I honestly can't even get over how beautiful she is, and the sun was perfect, and ahhh everything was amazing. Geeking out here.

Hope you're having the best senior year, Taylor!

Callie M | 2015 Senior


Callie and I met this summer through her younger brother... her brother was constantly telling me how much I reminded him of Callie, so when we got to meet, I was super excited. We clicked right away, and now we are totally the best of friends. When she asked me to do her senior pictures I was SO excited, because she is so much fun, and not to mention, extremely gorgeous. Love you Callie!