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Mr. and Mrs. Keller


i was able to take some more couple pictures of one of my youth leaders and his wife! it was a super nice day and so much fun. i've been having such a great time with the couples lately, they're all so cute. anyway i figured valentines day was a good day to post these. happy day of love. ;)

Sara and Scotty


i honestly can't find the right words for these pictures. this couple means so so much to me. scott is my youth pastor, and sara is his beautiful wife. they are the sweetest, most caring, loving, best youth leaders ever. i love them so much as a couple. i can't even explain how much they mean to keegan and i as we were trying to find our place at a youth group here in duluth. they were so friendly and loving towards us both from the very beginning. it was such an honor and pleasure to take their pictures. they are so fun to be around and just such sweethearts. i love you both, so much.