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Kirsten & Grant


I had so much fun meeting and being able to work with Kirsten and her adorable son, Grant last week. Grant is so so sweet, talkative, and silly. he really loved the library books, and was a joyful little guy around his mama. Kirsten was so beautiful and fun and such a loving mother. They were so sweet and awesome. 

South Heights Prom 2013


the cutest siblings ever. myles & IEllie & IJenna & I

the same weekend I went down to the cities for Lexi's prom, was also Ellie and Myles' prom! Ellie & Myles have probably been all over my blog at some point, and were my neighbors when I lived in the cities. It was so much fun to be apart of their prom day too, I love every single person that went, and it is pretty much my favorite thing to be able to be with people on fun days like this. There were way too many pictures to share, but feel free to check out more of them here. :)