Anna B / Artist Headshots


YOU GUYS. Guess what these pictures were for? An album cover, yes you did read that right. I am extremely excited to share these images. Anna is the worship leader at my church here in Duluth, and is just amazing. I recommend you all go check out the new release of her EP on iTunes. Congrats Anna, you deserve it. :) 

... also had to share the album images. You can find her album here on iTunes and here on Amazon!

4 Responses to “Anna B / Artist Headshots”

  1. these are fantastic, Kiley!! especially love the ones of her with the guitar against the gate... xoxo

  2. that is so cool kiley! i'm going to check her out!! :) x

  3. oh wow, this is soo awesome! you rocked those photos ;)

  4. so so awesome. i adore the two she choose for her album art.
    you rocked these, girl!


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