Jake Stachel / 2014 Senior


Jake is one of the greatest guys out there that goes "way back." We played basketball for the same school a few years ago and have kept in contact over the years through my uncle, who is his best friend! It's super fun, and I'm super glad I was able to take his senior pictures. Jake is super fun to be around because he's hilarious all the time. He is phenomenal at music… like every instrument he picks up, he can play. It's kind of a great talent. ;) 

6 Responses to “Jake Stachel / 2014 Senior ”

  1. dudeee. the shot of the leaves falling and him playing the violin is stellar.
    and i love his smile!

  2. He looks JUST like Ryder on glee!!

  3. these are so good, Kiley! i love the shot of him playing violin with the leaves. perfection. :) xx

  4. This was like.. a block away from my house wasn’t it? ;) stinky


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