Jenny / 2014 Senior


Jenny was my first senior of this year, and I LOVED taking her pictures. we went to school together for two years in kindergarten and 1st grade and reconnected while swing dancing with some mutual friends last year. anytime I'm friends with someone, I basically beg them to let me take their pictures because senior pictures are so much fun and a huge deal to me. so, the day after she finished her junior year (talk about productive,) we took them and oh my goodness. she is such a beautiful woman with a joyful and fun personality. we'll probably end up taking round 2 in the fall! love love love this russian beauty.

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  1. to say these are gorgeous would totally be underestimating this. HOLY COW. she's stunning. and your photography skills are totally rad.

  2. These are so good! she is BEAUTIFUL!

  3. a legit cutie right there. :)

  4. Kiley, these are really good! I adore the first location! Wow!

  5. just. beautiful.


  6. love those last two especially. darling. :)

  7. MODEL ALERT. she's gorgeous and your photos, as always, are perfect! xo

  8. so basically I have a lot to say, sooo:

    a) the locations for this shoot are beyond perfection.

    b) Jenny is gorgeoussss.

    c) she's super photogenic

    d) her HAIR and EYES (my WORD don't get me started) and her outfits!!

    e) your photographs. where do I begin? they're just incredible in every way possible.

    so yeah. I like this (a lot).

    xx A

  9. The locations are perfect and Jenny is beautiful! Great job!


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