2014 seniors


juniors! did you know you get your senior pictures done this summer/fall? seniors are my absolute favorite & so much fun, and I'm less expensive then most photographers! email me for details. so excited for the seniors I already have booked. like kiley marissa photography on facebook to see my portfolio of all the awesome seniors I've shot! 

(don't put senior pictures off, I have a bunch of people graduating this year contacting me in a hurry to get theirs done before a grad party in the next few months, don't be that person. ;)

3 Responses to “2014 seniors”

  1. ALL YOUR SENIORS ARE WAY TOO CUTE. I mean, how do you even get SUCH CUTE clients? I just can't even understand.

    Oh, and you photograph them perfectly. Wish I could hire you. (Fly to England first? Kthanks.)

    xx Acacia

  2. What beautiful photographs! What do you use to edit them. You have a new follower.



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